every thing is wonder us

every thing is wonder us (2014), an evening-length work for dance and music between April Biggs (choreographer) and Clinton Haycraft (composer). Unlike most collaborations for dance and music, the work seeks to create an extemporaneous, yet nuanced dialogue between the respective disciplines. The form of the work is non-linear as it is not a story to be told but rather a meditation in which one participates, both as performer and as audience member. The central concept of the work is that of intimacy, which does not necessarily have a one-to-one correspondence with physical proximity. We explore the disparity between fondness and intimacy, asserting that perhaps they are not same thing. Fondness may develop out of our idea of what something is, not its true nature; while intimacy could be defined as getting as close as we can to understanding the true nature of something. And in this closeness to something’s true nature, we may even be repulsed.

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